Interview with Rebecca Bagley of NorTech

As a catalyst for growing emerging technology industries in Northeast Ohio, NorTech helps build regional innovation clusters that create jobs, attract capital and have a long-term, positive impact. To this end, the organization has created a comprehensive cluster development model that can be applied to multiple technology-based industries. From July 2010 to December 2011, cluster companies supported by NorTech have attracted $34.3 million in capital, created 396 jobs and generated $26.6 million in payroll. Learn more at:

Rebecca BagleyListen to Rebecca Bagley’s response to the following questions in this clip (approximately 10 minutes):

  • How does the road mapping process work and who is involved in the process?
  • Since cluster development is a rather complex phenomenon, how do you track NorTech’s effectiveness?
  • What advice would you give to organizations seeking to replicate this model?

Or download the transcript at:


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