Recommendations for Writing an Award Winning Application

The following guidelines have been developed in accordance with suggestions submitted by committee members who have previously judged the applications.  The judges strongly advise applicants to address these critical issues within their narratives.

  1. Tell us what you did.
  • Provide your definition of the problem you set out to address and your theory of change.
  • Provide a comprehensive description of what your initiative is and what it has accomplished.
  • Provide any available evidence of potential clients’ needs and priorities.
  1. Tell us how you do it.
  • Provide specific goals and objectives of your program: what are your qualitative measures, what qualitative data do you use to help support the goals and metrics?
  • Provide specific and detailed information on the services and activities of your initiative.
  • Provide information on the context: first describe the “whole” and then outline the “portion” that you have been able to affect.
  • Are you adjusting your approach to respond to the context?
  • On what basis are you targeting your efforts?
  1. Tell us how it is funded.
  • Provide information about initial funding and how you are planning for future sustainability.
  1. Tell us how it works.
  • Provide information on who does what within the organization and describe how your organization partners with others (this will help the judges determine leveraging of resources).
  1. Tell us why you should be recognized.
  • What distinguishes your program from others?
  • How well has your initiative succeeded? Provide information on how you have chosen to measure success and the results to date.
  • Make sure to carve out the results of the specific initiative from the overall results of the organization unless you are submitting the comprehensive work of the organization for an award.

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