2016 SSTI Awards FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the award winners recognized?

Awards are presented at a special ceremony during SSTI’s Annual Conference being held November 1-3 in Columbus, OH. Winners are invited to attend the conference as a guest of SSTI (a $650 value) and are provided a forum to showcase their accomplishments in a dedicated breakout session. Winners also will be showcased in the SSTI Digest and in a press release issued by SSTI.

In addition, winners are invited to participate in podcast interviews or webinars made available to SSTI Digest subscribers and posted on SSTI’s website. Finally, winners will receive exclusive use of the Excellence in TBED 2016 logo that can be added to their website, distinguishing their exceptional achievement in the TBED community.


Our TBED initiative crosses into several program areas — can we apply for more than one award?

Yes, a project or an organization can apply to more than one award category, but cannot win in more than one category. Remember that each application is reviewed separately, so program information as well as application fees must be completed for each category.


Our project is a partnership of multiple organizations — can each organization apply?

Technically, the answer is yes. However, we would encourage the partnership, rather than multiple members, to apply. Remember that one of the criteria for evaluation is related to the ability to build effective partnerships, and competing against yourself may not help your application in demonstrating this ability.


Can previous award winners apply again?

Previous award winners are asked not to apply for an award in the same category in which they won for at least two years. Previous awardees may apply in a different category with a different initiative, however.


Is the awards program limited to U.S. initiatives?

We are accepting applications from organizations that represent our membership, which at this time includes the U.S. and Canada.


How do I submit the application?

Entries should be submitted as a PDF or Word document using the registration form and upload feature found at www.sstiawards.org. Please fill in all the required fields on the registration form and upload your entry when finished. You may also mail your application to: SSTI, 5015 Pine Creek Drive, Westerville, OH 43081.


What happens after I submit my application?

You should receive confirmation of your entry immediately after submission. If your entry has not met the guidelines set forth within the application, SSTI will respond to you by e-mail within three business days so that you may re-submit your application. After the deadline closes, the staff will forward all applications in a specific award category to the corresponding selection committee.


Is there a time frame during which eligible initiatives must have been started or completed?

There is no specific time frame for a start or completion date. One of the major components for evaluation is the impact of the initiative, and therefore, well- established initiatives are expected to have a better chance of being selected.  However, we strongly encourage older programs to emphasize work that is current so that they do not lose points for innovativeness.

For the category of Most Promising, the program must have been established within the last three years.


Is there any way my application would be disqualified?

If you go over the five-page limit for the narrative your application may be disqualified. We will notify you within three business days so that you may resubmit the application by the deadline.


Can I include promotional materials along with the narrative?

Any additional materials such as promotional items, annual reports, past recognitions, etc., will not be considered by the selection panel.


What if I have suggestions for other categories or ideas about the process?

We would appreciate your feedback and encourage you to send us your ideas and comments via e-mail to awards@ssti.org so we can have a written record and be able to assess suggestions at the end of the awards period. The 2016 awards program has changed as a result of suggestions we received over the past seven years.


Are credit card payments accepted for the application fee?

Yes. We have provided a secure link at www.sstiawards.org to process your credit card payment. You also may call us at 614-901-1690 if you prefer to give the credit card information over the phone.


Any other questions?


Robert Ksiazkiewicz



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