Awards Categories: Most Promising TBED Initiative

Most Promising TBED Initiative

Efforts launched in the last three years that are using new and exciting methods, creative program design, or are taking an innovative approach to apply proven strategies that spur economic prosperity. This category will recognize an outstanding and promising TBED initiative addressing a spectrum of areas including support for research capacity; transforming commercialization and tech transfer activities; increasing access to capital; supporting and growing entrepreneurship; improving competitiveness; and, preparing an inclusive 21st century workforce.

Applicants should address one specific TBED element (such as efforts to increase access to risk capital, build entrepreneurial capacity, commercialize research, etc.)  rather than a comprehensive TBED effort.

The goal of the Most Promising category is to highlight programs that have demonstrated an innovative approach in design or implementation to serve as a model for other states and regions.

Evaluation Criteria for Most Promising TBED Initiative:

Applications submitted for consideration in this category will be evaluated according to similiar criteria used for the other categories; however, percentages assigned will be weighted differently. Scoring is heavily weighted on innovativeness and transferability.

Judging Criteria:

  • Innovativeness = 50%
  • Transferability of Lessons Learned = 20%
  • Ability to Achieve its Vision = 10%
  • Partnerships = 10%
  • Context = 10%


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