Awards Categories: Creating Prosperity Through Entrepreneurship & Capital

Creating Prosperity Through Entrepreneurship & Capital

Initiatives that support and encourage entrepreneurship and/or enhance the ability of companies to access startup capital that will cultivate a community of entrepreneurs and help transform their ideas into a high-growth business. Initiatives recognized under this award can include but are not limited to: enriching the skills and ability of entrepreneurs; providing capital during the critical stages of capital formation; increasing the capacity of entrepreneurs to successfully start and grow companies; or, improving the environment for entrepreneurial development.

The categories of Building Entrepreneurial Capacity and Increasing Access to Capital have been combined to form this new category for 2016. Applicants are not required to provide both capital and entrepreneurial support.  Applicants may provide only capital to both startups and existing companies or they may provide entrepreneurial support without capital.

Evaluation Criteria for Creating Prosperity Through Entrepreneurship & Capital

Applications will be evaluated according to a scoring system with a set of weighted criteria based on the applicant’s ability to clearly demonstrate: impact, transferability, partnerships, context, ability to achieve its vision, and innovativeness. Judges will provide an overall score and a breakout score for the six criteria listed below.

Judging Criteria:

  • Impact = 25%
  • Transferability of Lessons Learned = 20%
  • Partnerships = 15%
  • Context = 15%
  • Ability to Achieve its Vision = 15%
  • Innovativeness = 10%

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