Interview with Susan Palisano of the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT)

2009 Winner of the Enhancing the Science & Technology Workforce category

CCAT’s Education Initiative has established a core philosophy for the development of K-12 programs that emphasizes experiential, authentic learning and focuses on meeting the demands of the digital workplace by exposing students and teachers to real-world high technology applications. Over 1,200 students from both Connecticut and across the country have participated in CCAT’s informal education programs in aerospace, alternative energy, and advanced manufacturing. Additionally, CCAT’s professional development programs have trained more than 65 science, math, and technology education teachers over the last three years.

Susan PalisanoListen to Susan Palisano’s response to the following questions in┬áthis clip (approximately 12 minutes):

  • Can you describe some of the programs and projects that CCAT is using to get students interested in STEM careers?
  • Tell us about CCAT’s successful partnerships with other Connecticut organizations.
  • What lessons have you learned that may be beneficial to other organizations trying to launch a similar program?

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