Interview with Ray Leach of JumpStart

 2010 Winner of the Building Entrepreneurial Capacity Category

Established in 2004, JumpStart is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization in Northeast Ohio with a mission of increasing the economic impact of entrepreneurs and their ecosystem in Northeast Ohio, while using its experience to catalyze entrepreneurship nationally. JumpStart provides entrepreneurs with intensive entrepreneurial assistance in order to help them rapidly achieve the key milestones of growth, such as raising capital and creating globally-sustainable jobs. JumpStart also works to build capacity within entrepreneurial ecosystems, efficiently developing and supporting the continuum of early-stage resources for entrepreneurs. In Northeast Ohio, JumpStart’s client companies have raised over $365 million in external funding and created over 1300 direct jobs.

Ray LeachListen to Ray Leach’s response to the following questions in this clip (approximately 19 minutes):

  • TBED organizations tend to have an internal struggle with metrics. What information do you collect from companies to help make the case for continued support?
  • How does an organization that works with individual entrepreneurs expand on your mission by helping to build a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem?
  • Where is JumpStart going from here in terms of its work in Northeast Ohio and on a national front?

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