Interview with Martha Connolly of the Maryland Industrial Partnerships Program

Martha ConnollyListen to Martha Connolly’s response to the following questions:

  • Does the MIPS program partner with any other organizations and their funding opportunities for downstream assistance?
  • The MIPS program has existed for over 20 years. Can you describe your outreach efforts to convey the program’s success?
  • What quantitative measures are most effective to report to state legislators?


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About the Maryland Industrial Partnerships Program

mipslogoThe Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) program accelerates the commercialization of technology in Maryland by jointly funding collaborative R&D projects between companies and University System of Maryland faculty. Since 1987, MIPS has connected more than 400 companies in Maryland with faculty in the University System of Maryland to develop products in the fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology, engineering, computer science, information technology, homeland security, defense, and energy. MIPS has funded more than 600 individual projects worth a total value of $164 million, resulting in sales of MIPS-related products of over $16.9 billion.

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