Interview with Betsy Biemann of the Maine Technology Institute (MTI)

 2010 Winner of the Expanding the Research Capacity Category

Recognized by a national panel of technology-based economic development experts for its design and impact, The Maine Technology Asset Fund (MTAF) is a competitive award program that builds capacity and infrastructure in Maine to support research and development projects leading to significant economic benefits across the state. The MTAF program has completed three successful rounds of competition and made awards for almost $53 million, leveraging $86.7 million in matching private investment and federal and philanthropic grants.

Listen to Betsy Biemann’s response to the followiBetsy Biemannng questions in this clip (approximately 16 minutes):

  • Can you provide a brief history of the Maine Technology Asset Fund (MTAF) and describe how it fits into MTI’s overall mission?
  • What components of the MTAF program are critical to its success?
  • What are some of the challenges MTI faces when working in rural areas and how do you cultivate relationships between the nonprofit research centers, universities and private companies in those areas?

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