Interview with Fred Cartwright of Clemson University Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR)

Fred CartwrightCU-ICAR has created a partnership model with evolutionary depth through its focus on faculty support and a collaborative environment for companies to co-locate. The relationship between CU-ICAR and its partners is documented through the “Target Setting Agreement Process” that ensures the achievement of systematic goals between each industry. This strategy emphasizes the value of CU-ICAR and its continued competitiveness. In the past three years, CU-ICAR has seen amazing growth with 770 jobs created on site and 720 more jobs announced for the future. Today, CU-ICAR collaborates with over 100 industry partners, including 19 organizations located on our campus. Industrial-scale laboratories and testing facilities are accessible for commercial use to companies and professionals focused on applied R&D on new technology.

Listen to Fred’s response to the following questions in this clip (approximately 15 minutes):

  • How would you describe the holistic model that CU-ICAR employs to support the automotive industry in South Carolina?
  • What are the benefits of offering 12 business models for companies to interface with the university?
  • How do you work to retool these models to adapt to the changing needs of the industry?

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