Interview with Dan Gincel of the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund

gincelThe Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund (MSCRF) provides competitive grants to public and private entities to leverage funding, increase research capacity and cutting-edge technologies, and develop strong economic growth in the life sciences sector. An economic engine for the state, the MSCRF creates jobs and generates new revenue. The primary goal of the initiative is to grow the stem cell research community, and to this end, 258 research projects have been funded and $101.6 million has been committed since 2006. During its first two years of operations, MSCRF-funded research projects generated more than 500 local jobs and $71.3 million in sales.

Listen to Dan’s response to the following questions in this clip (approximately 13 minutes):

  • What are some of the research activities and programs funded by the MSCRF?
  • There seems to be an emphasis placed on communication between MSCRF staff and research teams; can you expand on the importance of the meetings?
  • What advice would you offer for building good relationships between researchers and private companies?


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