SSTI Excellence in TBED Awards

Congratulation to Our 2016 Award Winners!

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Excellence in Technology Based Economic Development awards, SSTI today announced four winners driving prosperity in their states and regions through innovative approaches to growing their economies and creating high-paying jobs.

About the Awards

To mark the 10th anniversary of the SSTI Excellence in TBED awards program, we have made some exciting changes to the categories. Since last year, we have combined some categories with the intent of better reflecting the ever-evolving field of tech-based economic development and added a new category to reflect burgeoning activity in a new area. They include:

  • Most Promising TBED Initiative
  • Building Prosperity Through Science & Technology
  • Creating Prosperity Through Entrepreneurship & Capital
  • Enhancing Prosperity Through Competitive Industries
  • Increasing Prosperity Through Economic Opportunity

Learn More…

With all the changes to the program, we recommend that you Listen to the recording of the 2016 Excellence in TBED Awards  Information Call for extra help in crafting an award-winning application.During our annual SSTI awards informational call, SSTI President and CEO Dan Berglund provided valuable insight on the program and helpful hints on how to write an outstanding application. Listen at:

For more information regarding the SSTI Excellence in TBED awards program, email Rob Ksiazkiewicz at

Why Apply?IFS_0911_edit2CROP_onWht_SM

  • As a recipient of the Excellence in TBED Award, your initiative represents a standard of excellence that has been recognized by your peers through a competitive selection process.
  • External validation through an Excellence in TBED Award certifies the superior quality of your initiative, lending independent credentials to your program as your stakeholders consider future investments.
  • The Excellence in TBED Award identifies your initiative as a best practice worthy of emulation and can be used as a promotional tool in marketing, recruitment and outreach efforts.

Who is Eligible?

Any TBED program or practitioner is eligible to apply. This includes, but is not limited to, nonprofit organizations, local and state governments, colleges and universities, federal agencies and labs, industry associations, economic development councils, and other organizations that promote innovation and technology-based economic development.

Entry Fees

$75 SSTI Members
$95 Non-members


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For more Information about the 2016 SSTI Excellence in TBED Awards program, Contact Robert Ksiazkiewicz at 614.901.1690 or